Swag Walk

The action you perform everyday without even knowing that everybody around can see and judge, is walking. Little did you know, but there is way to Swag Walk. This doesn’t always work for everyone, but you might as well give it a try. 

The next time you are walking, spread your legs out more and tilt your feet out. Now walk with a bit of a bounce in your step and BINGO you have created a cool image of yourself just by the way you walk. This kind of walk creates a kind of drifting/gliding look that looks cool, but natural.

One thing to always remember when walking around, whether the previous method of walking worked for you or not , is to hold you head high with confidence. Never EVER let your head drop, as this shows a lack of confidence. Even if you had a crappy day, hold you head high and look towards tomorrow.

You can’t be swagging with out saggin.

You can’t be swagging with out saggin.

“Keep being awesome because nobody can censor your swag!”
“Having twenty girlfriends isn’t swag. Having one girlfriend and nineteen chasing you is.”

To have Swag, you HAVE to enjoy some Lil Wayne!!!!!



Footwear is probably the largest category of accessories for your body, so find something that goes with your look and go with it! Below are some of my favorite shoes to wear.


Osiris Skate Shoes: 




One of the biggest questions fashionable people face on a daily basis is, “Should I rock some shades?” If you have to wear prescription glasses,like me,then your in luck because you have legit justification to wear frames on your face so go right ahead and find a or some frames you like and wear them without guilt. If you don’t need prescription glasses, you’re not out of luck you still have plenty of options. Below are some pictures of different stylish eyewear you can rock with needing a prescription.

Shutter Shades: 

Framless Glasses:




Unless for some medical reason you can’t or need to wear certain things on your head, then some sort of headwear is in order. Unless you have awesome hair that goes well with your current look, a hat,beanie,aviator hat, Laplander,etc will be like the icing on the cake. For me a Snapback is what you will ALWAYS find on my head. There is a hat out there that will go with anything, so find it and wear it because it will be perfect compliment to your outfit and increase your style even more. Below is a short list of different types of hats and some sample picture.

Baseball Hat: 




Justify Yourself

One of the most crucial keys to improving and maintaining your swag is justifying your look and style. If you want swag but reject the common swag style of the time then you have to give people reasoning to accept your style. One way of doing this is by not listening or responding to feedback on your style, almost like staying mysterious. In fact this is how a lot of styles catch on. If you don’t give in to people’s criticisms of your look and keep on going, then people get used to it and eventually adapt over to it. For example, fifty years ago if people saw you walking around with shutter shades or big frameless glasses, then you would have thought “What the fuck”. But now that so many people have worn these not caring about what others think, it lead to the whole of society accepting this look.

It’s always important to remain confident in yourself and your look no matter what!



Hello everyone and welcome to “How To Have Swag”. This site is dedicated to reaching out to the Tumblr community and giving people useful tips and advice on how to improve their swag. Some articles will talk about different clothing and accessories that are loaded with swag, other articles will talk about mannerisms and interactions with others, etc. I hope you enjoy and reblog!

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